Our Promise

As a way to kick-off our blog section, we decided to indulge a wee bit by talking about ourselves a little. 

By now you probably know that Ola! Otter offers clothing for babies, toddlers, and kids. Additionally, you may already be aware of the future-loving nature of our apparel – that it’s designed to be easy on our children's’ skin while serving little to no burden on the planet. But if you’d like to know more about how we came to be, why we are here, and what we believe in, we’d like to invite you to keep reading.


How did we begin?

At the heart of our origin story is another story –  a simple yet moving tale of a mother who wanted nothing more than to give the very best to her child, without taking any opportunities away from other people involved in the process or causing further injury to the planet. 

She wondered, if as parents our top priorities were to provide our children with optimum nutrition and ensure that they always have access to quality healthcare, why cut corners in meeting one of their most essential needs - the need for our kids to stay warm and comfortable.  

She knew that the market was flooded with mass produced children’s clothing, made of genetically modified cotton, treated with strong chemicals and toxic dyes. She had good reason to believe that this apparel wasn’t truly fit for her child’s health or the health of children in general.

“Shouldn’t there be clothing for our children that comforts them and is safe for their health? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if making such clothing was easy on Mother Earth as well” she thought to herself. Soon after this little reflection, Ola! Otter began to take shape. 

The mother of our tale is Vidhi Gupta, who upon her realization has made it a personal mission to help parents keep their kids healthier and happier, and the environment safer for all through Ola! Otter’s line of future-loving clothing. 


What is our purpose and vision?

Healthy? Check! Sustainable? Check! Unique? Double Check!!

Ola! Otter believes there’s nothing quite like a child’s inherent ability to be creative and inspiringly playful. Isn’t it amazing that the sight of a frolicking child instantly makes a smile crop up on our faces, no matter how down in the dumps we might be at that moment?

With our unique and fun designs we want to promote the child’s gift of boundless imagination. Compassionate at heart, curious of mind, and always playful, we aim to offer the best care through clothing for the little ones. Our mission is to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fun, exciting, and creative.

For us, there can’t be a picture more perfect than healthy children playing freely within the warmth of their families. We envision a world where we have collectively moved beyond standard notions of “sustainability” and embrace organic ways of living.

What are our core values?

As a brand our focus rests not on outcompeting other kid’s clothing brands, but instead we strive to remain true to the values that gave us our identity in the first place. These values are:

Care - We genuinely care for the wellbeing of children and their families

Comfort - By staying committed to providing comfort, our aim is to make everyday life easier and more fun

Creative - Through the creativity in our designs we embrace and promote all that is whimsical in a child’s imagination 

Joy -  A world of excitement and wonder for children is our promise

Gratitude - We’re ever in gratitude of Mother Earth for make our line of clothing possible and always remain mindful of the lives of those involved in it’s manufacturing 

Trust - We believe in going the distance to build lasting bonds with our customers

Quality - We assure our customers a seamless shopping experience and commit ourselves to highest quality of service

Passion - We are driven towards our vision with our hearts and mind in complete unison 


As a tiny little closing note, we’d just like to say that Ola! Otter is a celebration of one of human kind’s best qualities: our ability to support each otter (pun definitely intended!)