Our Story

Onesies, rompers, bibs, and tees. 
Jumpsuits, night suits, burp cloths? Yes, please!
 Frolicking away in nature's blessings
Jumping, bouncing, tumbling, no stressing!
Comfort and fun for your little trotter
It's got to be clothing by Ola! Otter.

Oh, the joy of wrapping our tiny tots in wondrous comfort clothing! And if they freely chuckle and laugh without a care in the world, we know we’ve dressed our little ones in something pure. The picture becomes truly perfect when this clothing comes with creative and inspiring designs, letting our kids’ imagination take over. 

This is the dream that brought life to Ola! Otter. Genuine clothing that promotes health for our babies and kids, sourced with utmost gratitude towards Mother Earth. Future-loving, so as to give back to nature, preserving her for generations to follow. A line of clothing that rings with enthusiasm and silly-innocence through cheerful designs that make playtime extra fun!

Ola! Otter is not only young but also grateful at heart; when a cute little munchkin wears our clothing, from the good folk who craft it to our beloved planet, everybody wins. Through our pure and light-hearted clothing, we aim to celebrate kindness, mindfulness, and the joy of innocence. We believe that awareness towards current environmental challenges can be addressed with love, care and compassion through kids having fun within the comfort of their families. 

But what’s the story behind the name, you ask? Well, we turned to the animal kingdom for a worthy candidate that could embody all things innocent, playful, joyful, curious and creative, and we found it in the otter. They’re otter-ly amazing creatures who love to sleep while holding hands, cuddling and snuggling just like our babies do, and they’re exceptionally playful -  juggling pebbles when they’re bored. We fell head over heels in love with them when we found out that Otter mothers hug their pups to keep them cozy and safe (aww!).


All About The Smile

We offer a line of clothing that’s snuggly soft, ultra-comfy and healthy for baby skin. Afterall, happy babies make happy families!

Grateful At Heart

True happiness is shared. The sourcing and production of our clothing ensures all those involved in its creation are never left behind, not even Mother Earth.


Organic Cotton | Hypoallergenic


Comfort, Ease and Safety


Made with Love in India


Imaginative Designs | Vibrant Colors